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Elder program provides social integration for refugees

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By Zoe Yim, Social Media Intern

We left the Nashville Public Library Tuesday, July 22, 2014, but instead of going directly home, I dropped off a few members of the elder program. The intern just became a soccer mom.

Thus, I had to ask Grant Yoder, elder program director, the elder’s choices of transportation in order to come to Hillcrest Methodist.

Here’s what I learned about these immigrant elders. Several walk. Talk about dedication.

In order to foster community interaction, CRIT host field trips through the elder program. Since immigrants have more difficulty interacting outside their own subcultures, these program are a chance to practice English and also experience the dominating in Tennessee.

Elder, director and volunteers stand next to the book sculpture outside of the Nashville Public Library.



















Elder look at the Nashville Banner’s exhibit. The Nashville Banner was a former newspaper that ran in Nashville, Tennessee.




In CRIT’s elder program, we serve refugees or asylees ages 60 and older.  This summer, we have had 10 regular participants. They come to Hillcrest Methodist Monday- Thursday to learn English from 8:00 a.m. to 11 a.m.


Partnering with the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute, a volunteer teaches the program members for four hours.


This program has three major components.

  • ESL classes
  • Citizenship classes
  • Enhancement

- a period during the scheduled program which helps the individual with physical, mental and emotional health.



Two Nepalese immigrants wear the traditional Dhaka Topi(right and left.)

By Zoe Yim, Social Media Intern

Become a Refugee Career Ambassador

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At the Center for Refugees and Immigrants of Tennessee, we see refugee clients with a range of diverse professional backgrounds. Prior to their arrival in Nashville, some of our clients worked in grocery stores or gas stations; some were doctors and lawyers; and some never had the opportunity to work.

Once refugee families arrive in Nashville, one of their most pressing goals is to secure employment as quickly as possible. At the Center, we work with clients to help them identify employment opportunities and to apply. Of course, our clients face a unique set of additional challenges that many job seekers do not, including varying English-speaking abilities, limited knowledge of computer usage, and lack of transportation.

Our staff and our team of dedicated volunteer Career Ambassadors work with our clients to overcome these issues and help secure their future in their new city. We are always on the lookout for community volunteers who are interested in working with our clients in this capacity. Career Ambassadors are paired with employment-seeking refugees to help them in their search. With staff support, they are responsible for making sure the client’s resume is up-to-date and for finding employment opportunities and applying.

To learn more about our employment services department, please visit this page. To learn about how to become a volunteer at the Center, please contact Marie Bush at [email protected].