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Refugee Elders Program

Elder refugees face a unique set of challenges when relocating to a new country. Many are unable to read or write in their native language, making learning a new language a doubly difficult task. Additionally, elder refugees often do not have access to personal vehicles and require transportation and language assistance to meet daily needs.

The Center’s Refugee Elders Program offers ESL instruction, citizenship test preparation, enhancement programming, and case management services to Nashville’s elder refugee populations.

Our Elders ESL classes are taught by Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certified ESL instructors from the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute (TFLI) and are tailored to meet the specific needs of older learners. We also offer citizenship test preparation to refugee elders, taught four days a week by our dedicated staff instructors. Additionally, we offer health, nutrition, and fitness programs that focus on elder-specific concerns.

Our personalized case management system allows us to assist elder clients with their individual needs. Assistance is often provided in making phone calls and appointments, applying for government assistance, resolving transportation issues, and interpreting at medical appointments. All these services are provided in a culturally sensitive manner with the help of our committed community liaisons.

We also offer cultural enhancement activities to help the elders better understand American culture and help foster community building. Past activities have included art workshops, potlucks, and field trips to museums and markets.

Our Refugee Elders Program is funded by the Tennessee Office for Refugees.

For more information, please contact Grant Yoder, the Refugee Elders Program Manager, at [email protected].