Cultural Integration Services

Integration Services:  English as a Second Language classes, Job Placement (resume and application assistance, partnerships with employers, interview skills, mentoring), Citizenship Classes, Elders Program, Social Adjustment Services (affordable housing assistance, registering children for school, obtaining mental health and/or medical needs, legal paperwork, insurance, etc.)

One Root Agriculture

CRIT currently operate RAPP (Refugee Agriculture Partnership Program). Many refugees and immigrants have agrarian backgrounds.  Through community gardens, we empower our clients to grow food to support their own families in an environment that helps establish and build community here.  We also give our farmers the option of participating in a market program in which they sell through local farmers markets and, in some cases, direct to local restaurants.  We are excited to be spinning off gardens from this program to our partner, The Nashville Food Project, as we establish new gardens in 2016-17.

RISE (Refugee and Immigrant Students Empowered)

CRIT operates a wonderful afterschool and summer program for middle school students. In this program, students received reinforcement in acquiring English, homework assistance, and enrichment programming. We have a particularly-intensive arts program that allows students to transcend differing languages and cultures to express themselves in a powerful medium.  CRIT plans to launch a high school aged program in the fall of 2016.