Giving It Back

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I still remember the day when I landed my feet at Nashville International Airport in 2008. The first thing I saw after getting to the baggage claim, were some American caseworkers from World Relief holding some beautiful flowers in their hands, to welcome me and my family to Nashville.

Though it was an entirely different world for me, it didn’t trouble me to get along in this new environment.  That was, in large part, because of the hard work and effort that organization gave.

The help I received from my caseworkers was very important and precious to my ability to become self-sufficient. My job at CRIT helps me to give that same assistance in return to the people who are in need today. I know firsthand how it feels when you have no clue how to fit into a new place, but excellent service providers like CRIT are here to help newcomers and make the transition as easy as possible.

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