Koshari: Cooking Egyptian Foods and Writing with our Middle School Students!

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Can you picture freshly made pasta drying on a coat hanger? Hanging from a ceiling light fixture?  Well, at the RISE Millwood site we needed to hang the pasta out to dry somewhere, and a student’s clever idea was right on the money.   On March 10th, our students spent the enhancement hour  learning to combine fresh ingredients like tomatoes, onions, and garlic with lentils, rice, and macaroni to make a traditional  Egyptian dish called Koshari; we also learned how to make our own pasta from scratch and discussed what makes a food “raw,” how to eat healthy whole foods, and how to write out a recipe.  Our students were even tasked with consulting their families’ recipes to check the authenticity of our RISE Koshari.

So feel free to come visit us but full disclaimer: you might have to chop up some vegetables.
Special thanks to Laura Wallace and Brook Gillon for working with our RISE Millwood students!

Hanging noodles.

Eating great food!

Writing recipes.


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