Unbridled Joy

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“Can we get in the water?”

“Well, you’re going to get wet… and it’s cold, you know.”

“That’s okay!”

At that moment, about fifteen Cameron Middle School 8th graders encircled the Nashville Courthouse fountain and got as close to the water as possible without touching it.  I have never seen so much unbridled joy as in that moment after taking our RISE students on a trip to see a Nashville Predators hockey game.  My soccer-obsessed Egyptian students were a bit dubious of “hockey,” and some were a little afraid of escalators, but we overcame our misgivings with help from the unlimited popcorn refills.  I tried to explain the rules, and some showed interest.  I think the consensus though is to go to a soccer game next. Before & after the game was almost as entertaining as the hockey game itself: fifteen teens parading down the street through downtown full of energy.  Even with the threat of rain, we persevered through a long walk back to the Courthouse parking garage and managed to work in some freeze tag on the green.  I will harbor that night as a fond memory with my RISE students.

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